TanzaniaMagnificent Pemba

Extraordinary Reefs, Crystal Water & an Exciting Safari Following the Greatest Migration.

TanzaniaExciting Mafia

Swim with Whale Sharks, Explore the Reefs & Track Africa's Largest Predators.

MadagascarMystical Nosy Be

Explore Extraordinary Reefs in the Company of Whale Sharks & Enjoy the Antics of Lemurs

Coming Soon!Irresistible Aliwal

Experience the Sharks of Aliwal, the Reefs of Sodwana & Nestle Down in the Hides of Exclusive Zimanga

Coming Soon!Exhilirating Sardine Run

Enjoy the Thrill of the Chase with the Greatest Underwater Migration & Catch your Breath in the Magical Woodlands of Mashatu

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Extraordinary Diving & Safari OptionsDIVE in to our Underwater Tours!

All Saltwater Safari photography tours have been carefully curated to ensure you enjoy the maximum time spent on underwater & wildlife photography. Explore the exhilarating options & find the photography tour that suits you best! For more tours, visit our Tours page.

Extraordinary & SensationalSafari Photography & Underwater Photography Tours

Safari Photography Adventures

Born out of a deep love of nature and an incredible passion for Safari Photography & underwater photography, these authentic photography tours have been carefully curated by professional photographer, Anthony Grote.  And so, it’s a rare opportunity to experience exhilarating adventure with the opportunity of photographing nature in all her splendor.

Saltwater lovers get to enjoy an invigorating dose of the ocean together with a thrilling overland wildlife safari experience. As a result, these safari photography & underwater photography tours will leave you enriched. With not only with incredible memories to last a lifetime, but also some outstanding photographs too.

The Best Diving & Wildlife Destinations

We’ve designed our scenic tours to give you access to some of the best diving and wildlife destinations. And so, you’ll have the most incredible photographic opportunities. And, you’ll learn and hone your photography skills, under the guidance of an experienced professional underwater & safari photographer.

To begin with, you’ll travel across sun-drenched African landscapes, teeming with life,  almost unchanged from the dawn of time. Later, you’ll swim alongside ancient sharks,colorful exotic reefs, and set foot on islands barely found on a map. And because you’ll be able to record every experience, you’ll have mementos of once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Majestic Power

Socrates famously remarked: “The unexamined life is not worth living“.

What we offer is more than just a range of spectacularly beautiful, expertly arranged safari photography tours. You’re afforded the opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystique as nature’s majestic power and rhythm is on full display. Predator and prey. Endless beauty. Undreamed-of tranquility, and vast, open spaces that will enrich your appreciation of Africa’s grandeur.

From the inhabitants of the underwater continental shelf off Africa’s storied shores to the planet’s largest and greatest wildlife migration. There’s unlimited scope for new discovery. Encounter vast natural wonder, and the realization that some experiences will forever change the way you see the world.

Like distant drumbeats in the African night, adventure beckons.

We invite you to join us.


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